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Why "prestige" is a logical product of our society

Published Feb 09, 2018

We live in a world with 8 billion people as of now (right?) and each of us has been gifted a limited amount of time in this journey we call life, and we all get about the same amount.

How do we know how to prioritize with whom we spend our precious time with? It’s not an easy task.

(Please, be aware that this only reflects my opinion on what I’ve learned very recently - be gentle on me.)

The other day I asked a friend: “Where would you go to find people to fund a business venture?” “A golf club.”

It’s naturally a place where people go to close business deals and make new business partners, while playing golf by the way.

So, I would not care if one drove a BMW X7 or a Kia Picanto, but I did notice that rich people usually ignore people who drive in a Kia Picanto, and not necessarily because they’re arrogant; I think they have a very valid reason to do that: they prioritize their time and energy.

Naturally we perceive someone driving a small city car as someone not as affluent as someone driving a German car, and that’s what I call prestige. Prestige allows people to filter out people worth spending their time with… on a very materialistic basis in a very materialistic society

(Although there are other levels of prestige which are not materialistic, which I will not dive into this time.)

There are exceptions to that rule, of course. Mark Zuckerberg until quite recently owned a middle-class Volkswagen (I read somewhere) for commuting until buying a Tesla, and he didn’t have to attend fancy dinner parties like the rest of us, in order to advance in the social and money ladder. He went on the fast-track and went from millionaire to be a billionaire without having the time to care about a new car, and honestly it wouldn’t be a priority if you ran a company like Facebook. Not worth your time nor energy.

But I also learned from my wonderful wife, that people who want to achieve financial goals need to connect with more affluent people in order to grow. It’s how you leverage yourself and other people’s money.

How do you connect with prestigious people? You go to golf clubs, you buy yourself a country house in a closed neighborhood (at least here), you drive around in fancy cars, you do what rich people do in their spare time.

I know you and I treat people the same and don’t want to be superficial, no matter the size or shine of the car or house, but logically we’ll have more luck over time if we’re able to connect with the BMW drivers… which means I need to upgrade my car anytime soon. (ha!)

Shoot me an email if you’re up for a game of golf anytime soon, I may have an idea about how we can help each other grow…