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Oculus Rift app ideas for 2020 or earlier

Published Jun 01, 2014

  1. Bycle riding gamification

    Riding a bicycle is boring. Riding down pretty much the same old ways to work every day? What about chasing objectives while you’re riding with your Oculus Rift turning routine into a new adventure every day?

    Combine this together with a fitness tracker to automatically adjust distance to work depending on your current fitness level.

    A mashup of Google light radar system + Oculus Rift. Pure awesomeness.

  2. Running on steroids

    The Oculus Rift could also make running essentially so much more interesting, as bicycle riding.

    Are you tried of those same walks in the park every day, and need a little extra motivation? No problem! Imagine escaping a fire behind you, and the only way to escape it before it burns you to death is, you guessed it, to run…

    Again, this would imply using an additional device for mapping your surroundings, which bring me back to Google’s light radar.

  3. Deep-ocean diving in your backyard

    Do you own a swimming pool? Congratulations, you are now allowed to join our experimental, naval elite team for deep-diving missions.

    Don’t forget to charge your oxygen bottles though…

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