Kenny Meyer

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Where am I now?

Published Feb 04, 2013

It has been two year since my Google Code-In participation in 2010, and today the 2012 grand-prize winners were announced.

That event help me as a milestone my life. I look back to it, to remember what I achieved when I hardly had any programming skills.

What happened in 2 years professionally?

  • I am proficient now in Ruby and JavaScript, and learned a dozen different programming languages.
  • I worked with start-ups, companies and awesome clients, gathering the important social skills I hadn’t had before, and getting to know the frustrations working with bad clients, freaky time-schedules and bad pay, so-called “experience”.
  • Launched various projects.
  • Continuous contributions to Open-Source.
  • I write better code, but it still sucks, just less than before.

Still I feel mediocre. I feel like I could have contributed more, learned more languages, met more cultures, played less games, studied more for college, done more ambitious projects.

Though, I firmly believe, fighting mediocrity has been the most important challenge I have picked up ever since I know that I am just as any other guy, and that I am fully motivated to kick ass.

Byte for Byte.